Bread Pudding

Transforming Lives for Good

Through TLG Make Lunch, more than 100 local churches from across the UK run Lunch Clubs in school holidays. These Lunch Clubs are a lifeline for families, providing activities alongside hot and healthy meals to children at risk of going hungry. We love it when children and their families get stuck in with the cooking as part of the activities at their Lunch Club. It’s always so much fun and we know that they have the opportunity to grow in confidence and pick up great skills that can be useful at home. 

So, we asked the Let’s Cook Project to deliver some training events for our Lunch Makers – the local club leaders – who would then be able to get the children involved in food prep in their setting. Our Lunch Makers loved the sessions that the Let’s Cook Project ran for us. As a result, they felt more confident that they knew how to go about cooking with their kids – what equipment to use, recipes to choose, how to do things like chopping safely and much more. They have been really enthusiastic about putting what they learnt into practice and we hope that many children and families will benefit in the years to come.

Joy Cowley, Make Lunch Advocate and Programme Engagement Lead

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