Our Services

By increasing the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch we facilitate improvements in, not only, physical health, but also, mental wellbeing.

Direct Training

Our teams of experts engaging directly with your end users and facilitating increased knowledge and sustainable behaviour change over a series of fully interactive workshops.

Direct delivery taps into the wealth of knowledge and experience that our teams of expert trainers offer. These courses offer a unique opportunity for measurement of behaviour change, skills improvement and understanding of how our work positively impacts upon mental wellbeing.

Train the Trainer

Equipping your staff and volunteers with the knowledge and new confidence, influence and respect to make a real difference to the outcomes of your beneficiaries.

Either as a one or two-day course, we give attendees the practical skills and knowledge needed to teach cookery within their own settings. These sessions can be tailored to focus on a range of project outcomes such as improved skills, reducing waste, cooking on a budget or understanding nutrition.

With an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning, we ensure that best demonstration practice, an understanding of food hygiene and health & safety requirements, tips on setting up cooking sessions at any location and appropriate and engaging extension activities are all covered.

Train the trainer offers a cost effective and sustainable solution to meeting your primary behaviour change requirements.

Corporate in the Community

Adding interest, value and sustainable impact to employee volunteering, sponsorship and community outreach schemes.

Employee volunteering doesn’t always mean painting a fence or clearing out a canal. We can support your organisation to deliver projects that deliver impact for both your teams and the community long after the volunteer day is over.

Partnering with The Let’s Cook Project to achieve your CSR goals, within the very communities in which you operate, can raise your company profile whilst creating tangible health and social improvements.


Utilising the expertise of our team to create, develop or supplement your food, health and wellbeing requirements.

We’ve advised organisations such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Mars, Sustainable Cities and Sheffield International Venues how to ensure that their educational programmes are on message, engaging and appropriate.

Our team of nutritionists are also on hand to advise on how best to ensure that your food provision meets current nutritional guidelines be that in early years settings, schools or beyond.

A Balanced Value Proposition

Valuing Impact

We ensure that impact is regarding with equal importance to profit. The Let’s Cook Project aims to minimise overhead and operational costs so that funds can be directed to where they’re needed.

Avoiding Duplication

At the Let’s Cook Project we try and ensure that funding, finance or profit is directed to our end beneficiaries and not into unnecessary bureaucracy or by trying to reinvent the wheel.

Harnessing Knowledge and Expertise

We actively partner with like-minded but complimentary organisations such as environmental charities, Public Health or educational experts to deliver outstanding programmes of work.

Treading Lightly

The Let’s Cook Project wants to leave a positive lasting impression. We always consider the environmental cost of what we do. We travel by Skype for meetings, we use reusable aprons, crockery and cutlery if we can, and if not, we consider the implications of disposable wherever we’re working. We champion food waste reduction across all of our programmes regardless of the intended primary outcomes. Wherever possible we share our resources electronically to avoid unnecessary printing.

Advocating Good Health

The promotion of good health and sound nutritional advice underpins all of our training, regardless of the primary outcome. We base all of our course materials on the most up to date research and guidance from NICE and PHE. We acknowledge that this guidance is very much an ‘ideal’ destination, so we ensure our training is realistic, accessible for all and encourages small step and sustainable changes in both diet and lifestyles to move towards that end goal.




What we do we do well and always with passion, conviction and spirit.


Always learning, educating, appreciating and developing.

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Being outstanding in our field and always striving for the best.


Delivering with honesty and strong moral principles.