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Sheffield International Venues

Sheffield International Venues

We had previously worked with The Let’s Cook Project staff on projects a few years back, so we were delighted when they formed the new organisation and were going to continue delivering great cooking activities. They were always willing to support new initiatives and work as a real partnership, which was important to us.

They have helped SIV deliver on its ambition to promote ‘healthy diets as part of a healthy lifestyle’. Together we have delivered cooking courses for our staff, children, families, volunteers and partner staff. We have trialled new activities, including cooking in sports days and sports camps. Most of all, we’ve had fun doing it!

We really believe the courses and skills delivered by Let’s Cook Project will give people new skills, ideas and inspiration to deliver amazing cooking activities! We will continue to work with them as we develop new and existing solutions to cooking, nutrition and healthy eating in Sheffield.

Rob Womack, Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships Manager