The Let’s Cook Project is a community interest company. Community interest is at the heart of what we do and, as such, we must satisfy the regulator that our purposes are in the community or wider public interest. We are also asked to confirm that access to the benefits we provide will not be confined to a restricted group.

We seek to maintain a balanced value proposition. This means that we ensure that the social outputs of our projects are of equal importance to the revenue generated. We aim to minimise overheads and operational costs so that profits can be utilised to create positive outcomes.

So, how do we do this?

Avoiding bureaucracy

At the Let’s Cook Project we want to spend your money wisely. We won’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, we will strive to follow existing, proven models to ensure funding is directed to end beneficiaries and not into unnecessary bureaucracy.

Harnessing knowledge and expertise

We’re very good at what we do (and that’s not just us saying that!) But we know where our expertise lie and we will seek out the skills and knowledge of others to ensure your project delivers. We actively partner with like-minded but complimentary organisations, such as environmental charities, Public Health or educational experts to deliver outstanding programmes of work.

Treading lightly

At The Let’s Cook Project, we want to leave a positive lasting impression. We always consider the environmental cost of what we do. Wherever possible, we travel by Skype for meetings. We use reusable aprons, crockery and cutlery if we can, and if not, we consider the implications of disposable wherever we’re working. We champion food waste reduction across all of our programmes regardless of the intended primary outcomes. Wherever possible we share our resources electronically to avoid unnecessary printing.

Advocating achievable good health

The promotion of good health and sound nutritional advice underpins all of our training, regardless of the primary outcome. We base all of our course materials on the most up-to-date research and guidance from NICE and PHE. We acknowledge that this guidance is very much an ‘ideal’ destination, therefore at The Let’s Cook Project we ensure our training is realistic, accessible for all and encourages small step changes in both diet and lifestyles to move towards that end goal.